Natural Swirls For The Modern Home

Granite is very sturdy and durable. You can rely on it to last you and your family for generations to come. Consult with Granite & Marble Depot today to learn more about our granite products.

Look At Our Granite In Person

Granite is beautiful, but whether a particular piece works for you is your choice. Come and check out the slabs and stock that we offer at our store. You can enjoy our establishment and a variety of options. One of our team members will be more than happy to answer any question you have about our granite countertops.

Know The Nature Of This Stonework

It’s important to know exactly what you’re getting when you’re working with granite. When we say that granite counters are a natural material, we mean that in the strictest sense possible. We do our best to polish and prepare granite for your counters, but you might not be prepared for everything associated with natural stonework.

Visitors will be wowed by the unusual stripes and patterns that formed from volcanic processes. Granite comes from molten rock erupting and hardening, and so its patterns are wonderfully varied. There are as many different kinds of granite as there are volcanoes in the world, and we have access to the very best.

Consult with Granite & Marble Depot to find the granite countertop that works best for you.

Granite Guide Is Provided After Each Installation

Granite Counter Maintenance

After you have your new granite kitchen counters installed, you're going to need to upkeep them to make sure they continue to sparkle. I would not recommend harsh chemicals on it. Instead, clean your counters with a neutral, mild, vegetable oil-based cleaner such as our "Murphy's Oil Soap®." Synthetic scrubbing pads can be used on granite surfaces.

Cleaning Process

Make sure to keep grime and sand-like material off your countertops. These can be abrasive and damage the counters. This small tip goes a long way in keeping your countertops in tip-top shape.

Granite Sanitation

Granite countertops have reduced bacteria counts compared to non-granite kitchens. Having a granite kitchen and regular cleaning your kitchen will always be safer than non-granite kitchens.

Other Cleaning Methods

There are many sealants and cleaners on the market for continued care of your granite countertops. Besides regularly cleaning, we recommend extra cleaning with a special granite cleaner at least once a year. If treated properly, your granite countertops will last a lifetime!